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Who We Are

Voronoi are a Brisbane based boutique consulting firm providing specialist consulting services in digital health, information management, service design and more.

Meet The Team

Gil Carter

Voronoi Principal

Gil Carter is the founder and principal of Voronoi. Gil has worked in digital health for over seventeen years, including roles at NEHTA and a number of roles in consulting organisations developing comprehensive technical analysis for clients across the digital health sector. Fresh thinking and an inclusive approach are consistent themes in Gil’s engagement style. He has led many projects in domains such as health and child safety that have improved and delivered game-changing systems to improve and strengthen service delivery. Gil is creative and inspiring with strong communication skills and is a regular contributor and presenter at industry conferences and events. During his career, he has commercialised a high-tech start up, worked in large scientific research, built crypto software, and established significant capabilities in eHealth. He is an expert in making complex things work well and looks forward to big challenges. With strong skills in major sector reform, program design, and delivery, Gil has over twenty-five years’ experience in sectors such as health, education, mining, finance, and human service delivery programs. Gil can work from senior executive engagement through to frontline technical or business service delivery. He has a strong track record of working in business-led transformation initiatives, where new capabilities can be co-designed, planned and then rapidly implemented with strong results.

Leigh Tyson

Principal Consultant

Leigh is a principal consultant at Voronoi and has worked with the company since its foundation. Leigh is a trusted advisor to executive C-Suite clients, with over 25 years of deep global business role experience in diverse corporate business domains, as well as several years in a number of ICT business service and data technology-related positions.

Stephen Wadeson

Principal Consultant

Stephen Wadeson is a principal consultant at Voronoi, having joined the company in 2017. Steve has over 30 years’ experience in delivering consulting services in complex and largescale enterprise environments. Steve is skilled at providing advice and guidance to senior business and information technology executives on digitally enabled business transformation. He has strong client relationship management skills, always taking a consultative approach. Steve is highly experienced at bridging the gap between technology and the business and negotiating the balance between corporate and business unit specific needs.

Josie Di Donato

Principal Consultant

Josie is a principal consultant and joined Voronoi in 2019. She is an experienced senior digital health specialist, with more than 30 years influencing and advocating for the value of good information to support great healthcare in a range of roles across the health sector. Josie has diverse experience in the health sector, with her roles covering government, non-government, general practice, rural and remote primary care, professional associations, and universities.

David O’Driscoll

Principal Consultant

David O’Driscoll is a Principal Consultant and has worked with Voronoi since 2019. David brings almost 40 years’ experience bridging the gulf between technology, business, and customers to deliver innovative and elegant outcomes to real problems.

David has a broad exposure to health, law-enforcement, construction, and engineering, across private and public sector organisations of all sizes

Madison Black

Senior Consultant

Madison Black is a senior consultant at Voronoi and has been part of the team since 2019. Since commencing working in digital health in 2016, Madison has held various roles to support public and private health services delivery, clinical research, national digital health, and frontline business services delivery.

What does Voronoi mean?

A Voronoi diagram is a partition of a plane into regions close to each of a given set of objects. These objects are just finitely many points in the plane. Voronoi patterns are a display of nature’s tendency to favour efficiency – similarly to how we work to provide focus and detailed work to our clients.

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