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Architecture and strategy have often been academic topics, with limited connection to the operating environment in a business. Not any more.

A modern approach to architecture and strategy will let you turn your business on a dime or plan a complex delivery programme. We make architecture useful, and strategy implementable, using effective tools that deliver results.

Get your plans off the wallcharts and into the market. We can help to make it work.

Whether it is assessing technical plans, designing a future solution, or implementing services, we can work with you to help make good plans into great reality. From sophisticated infrastructure to electronic medical records, modern digital health is a complex place. Delivering new healthcare services needs many elements to work in harmony, with the patient at the centre of the story.

Designing the right models of care, housing them in great surrounds and attracting the best clinical leaders are all vital in making the right patient experience.

Start from where you are, deliver quick results to build trust and establish a model of continuous change. We can work with you at each step.

Digital adoption is a vital part of a good modern business. However, with problems like service duplication, disconnected delivery and dejected customers, big changes are needed.

Whether change comes from a small branch project or a major transformation of service delivery, the challenges are the same: Technical evolution, cultural migration and delivery against a flexible plan are key.

The awareness and value of genomic medicine has accelerated at a rapid rate in the Australian health sector, but there is still inconsistency and uneven progress in services and maturity. With the delivery of a blueprint for a national approach to genomic information management, the sector has the opportunity to align early and adopt consistent, interoperable and future-ready approaches.

As primary authors of the national framework, we are well-placed to help your organisation investigate forward paths in genomics to take advantage of the emerging national approach and technical systems.

There is no safe place from cybersecurity threats in modern business. Ensuring that your business assets are managed well, and information security carefully designed are vital business practices, but require specialist skills to deliver.

With two decades of information security experience in technology, practice and implementation, we can help to protect your business with a “right size” security approach.

Information and knowledge are the lifeblood of business. Being able to track and manage the information asset lifecycle from creation through use and final disposal allows your business to be at its most effective.

With regulations for data breach management now in place and EU legislation affecting information management across business, being in front of the challenge of knowledge management is vital.

We can work with your business to let you get the best from the knowledge you have.

Traditional models of business service are being pushed aside by the expectations of tech-savvy consumers who can swipe across their phone screen to choose a better offer. If your customers are moving faster than you are, you are already losing your market.

Designing better business services encompasses lots of challenges, and great solutions need lots of effort. Working with your customers to see what they see, looking at your business to see what it needs, working with your team to design a better future.

Catch up to your customers. We can make it possible.

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