Welcome to Voronoi

Welcome aboard, it’s good to have you here.

Every enterprise has to change to stay afloat, casting off ways of old and adding new things to its capabilities and skills. Sometimes those changes are simple and fast and easy and cheap – and you probably don’t even have to break stride to deliver them. But if you think about the bigger things that have changed in your world of work in the last couple of years, how many of those things had any of those traits of simplicity?

Probably not many.

Instead, technical things were more complicated than planned, changes took longer than expected and projects almost always cost more than hoped. Changes to more abstract areas like data or governance or cybersecurity were even more difficult – and sometimes it is hard to even pin down what the precise problem is to be solved before thinking about what the right answers could be.

And sometimes an overnight change that was on nobody’s radar completely up–ends the business playbook and alters the workplace forever. It has been a pretty interesting couple of years to be at work.

In the midst of this are the teams planning and working to make those changes real. Often the challenges those teams are tackling have never been part of the work environment before. Or the technical parts are new and there is little experience in the group with incorporating the new systems into the environment. And perhaps most delicate projects are phrased as “how can we do this better?” when the old hasn’t been that good and the new isn’t yet a comfortable place.

Sometimes, external assistance can be the secret ingredient for success. Engaging some temporary help can give lots of benefits – experience in the field, capacity to deliver, some fresh eyes on the problem, and perhaps even some insights that might be known but not be said out loud.

There are lots of flavours of external help though – making a good choice here can sometimes be a gamble too. Sometimes you might want to bring in a big brand – and you will know when that is. Get those firms when you need them, they are great for those particular type of problems. But a lot of times what you really need is a smaller team, with experts who work in your field, who know your sector and understand its challenges, and can build answers that are bespoke solutions for your problem.

That’s where Voronoi comes in.

Voronoi is exactly that kind of help – small teams of highly capable help, helping you and your team to plan out the challenge and then map a good path forward. Sometime the work might even start upstream of the solution to really define what the problem is – and that can be the start of an effective project to change your business.

Are you heading into uncharted waters? Perfect. Let’s get going.

We would love to help you build the future of your business.